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PHP - Canada

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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is an easy-to-learn programming language similar in some ways to Perl, in some ways to ASP, and in other ways to C. It is a scripting language, although like Perl it can be compiled. PHP is a convenient language for web development, because a large library of free modules is available that increases developer productivity by reducing time spent on basic functions.

PHP5 brings better support for Object Oriented programming, XML, exception handling, and many other features.

TCEG hosts a free unofficial mirror of the PHP documentation, and provides custom programming using PHP.

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PHP Programming
A Commercial, Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product may be sufficient. Otherwise a custom application may be appropriate. TCEG provides experienced professional guidance in COTS product selection and integration, as well as custom PHP application development

Managed Outsourcing Program
Outsourcing is often cited as a miracle cost-saving measure. However, great people are valuable, wherever they may be, so outsourcing should be viewed as a way to find more talent, rather than as a way to cut costs.

Industries - Overview
TCEG's consulting services are useful across a wide number of industries.

TCEG - Consultants
Responsible, Accountable. TCEG Linux Support. We Keep Your Servers Running. TCEG Consultants - we help Canadian and US clients with Software Development to Spec.

PHP Programming Practice
TCEG can assist with the support, management and (if applicable) end-of-life support of custom-made PHP applications.

Incorrect key file for table - Try to repair it
Failed writes, hardware failures, software bugs, modification of table by two programs at the same time, and disk limitations can cause this error of: Incorrect key file for table. TCEG can help to diagnose and resolve this problem.

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